Director/Videographer/Editor: Aisling Weldon
Editor: Evin Dennehy

JamForest Presents Genesis - Acoustic Sessions

Directed by: Aisling Weldon

Filmed by: Aisling Weldon
                  Daniel Breen
                  Gerard McAuliffe
Edited by: Aisling Weldon

"Doing Things Wrong" is an intense expression of the confusion and frustration that can overwhelm us all at times. Mongoose recognised this same confusion and frustration in the public discussion surrounding the repeal of the 8th amendment.
In this video Mongoose aim to highlight the inhumanity of this situation, how their country does not trust them with their own bodies. Silenced and blinded by their public representatives for so many years, this video expresses the need for Irish women's autonomy and freedom. 
Video filmed by Aisling Weldon and Sadhbh Ní Nualláin.
Edited by Aisling Weldon and Cara Dunne.

Revival of Rhythm -  Short Documentary about the revival of old styles of dance.

Made for my MA in Broadcast Production for Radio and TV

Director - Aisling Weldon
Producer - Aisling Weldon
Editor - Aisling Weldon
Camera - Aisling Weldon
Camera Assist - Sadhbh Ni Nuallain
Sound - Aisling Weldon